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Rose Lover?

With this basic pruning and care guide, your roses will dazzle your neighbors and family.

By: Verenice Ramos

Roses, apart from being a wonderful gift, can decorate and give color to any corner of your house. Proper maintenance will make them grow healthy and strong.

Follow these steps for pruning and care for your roses and you will be surprised to see how these beautiful plants will become the heart of your home!

1. Environment
• The first thing to take into consideration is that roses are plants that require a lot of light and exposure to the sun, as well as plenty of water, especially in drier seasons.
• If you’ve recently purchased your rose bush, try to plant it in the ground before it leafs out and ends its dormant period.

2. Pruning
• To give the roses proper maintenance, remove the weeds and excess leaves around them, until their structure can be fully observed.
• Cut the dead wood to the base, the green and robust stems should remain, the weaker ones need to be removed. In addition, the crossed branches should be removed, as this will facilitate the vertical growth of each stem.
• Reduce the length of the stems by about 8 inches (NOTE: This applies to all types of roses EXCEPT climbers).
• Make cuts at an angle of 45 degrees and always with clean pruners to avoid diseases. (A cleaning solution of 10% bleach to water will do the trick!)
• Seal freshly cut stems with a pruning sealer to protect them from rot and pests.
• Clean the plant area by removing debris that has been discarded.

3. Fertilize Your Roses
• If it’s the beginning of the season before your plants have leafed out, you can spray dormant oil to help prevent pests
• You can finally feed your roses properly with a long-lasting fertilizer, so they will grow strong and full of life, away from any negative effects. Cantrell Gardens has everything you need for that!
• It is important to remain alert and check for any pest or disease hidden in the foliage and combat it with the products recommended by our team here. (Pests usually appear during spring and summer)

Growing roses may sound difficult, but it’s a unique and wonderful experience that will help you to beautify your yard and garden.

With these simple steps, your roses will grow and bloom with bright and cheerful colors, as well as providing an exquisite aroma to every corner of your home.

Remember that at Cantrell Gardens we can answer your gardening questions and concerns. Call us at (501)-225-1030 or come visit us in person. Remember to check back once a month for more helpful blogs!

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