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Christmas Tree Preparation & Care

By: Rachel Elmakiss

Christmas trees arrive this month! Buying a real tree is a great way to make your home extra warm and cozy for the season, filling your home with the fragrant scent of a Christmas tree. But you have to take care of them to keep them around until Christmas. Here are some tips to keep your tree fresh, green, and fragrant!

Christmas Tree Care Tips

1. Get a fresh cut!
This one is easy! When you come in to buy your tree, we’ll make sure it gets a fresh cut before it goes to your home!

2. Add water as soon as it’s set up!
As soon as your tree gets home and is set up in its tree stand, fill up that stand with water! Christmas trees will still absorb water through their trunks. Getting that fresh cut in water as quickly as possible will help ensure that your tree stays greener longer!

3. Keep your tree away from heat sources and bright windows!
Heat sources and bright light can dry out your tree faster! This includes fireplaces, bright windows, and air vents, especially with the heat on this winter. This goes for any wreaths and garland as well.

4. Check your water levels every day!
Christmas trees are FAST drinkers! Usually by the next morning your tree will have finished all the water in the stand and will need to be refilled. Check your water levels every morning to make sure that it’s not emptying out too fast.

Bonus Tip!

If you have wreaths or garland made of real Christmas trees, you can mist them to help keep them fresh longer. This will help keep your tree green for longer too!

Hopefully, this helps to keep your trees, garland, and wreaths fresh, green, and fragrant this holiday season! Trees arrive in the middle of November. We’re excited to see everyone again this year and help you find your tree. If you just can’t wait, feel free to call in and reserve a tree. And as always, we at Cantrell Gardens are happy to help you answer any questions. Remember to check back once a month for more helpful blogs, and give us a call us today! with any questions or concerns!

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