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Preparing Mums for Fall

As summer comes to a close, avid gardeners, and even those without green thumbs, look in anticipation toward mum season. The fall favorite plant is not difficult to maintain and can live all season long if cared for properly. Keep the fall spirit blooming all season long with these special chrysanthemum care tips from our team of experts.

Ensure adequate sun exposure

• Mums love the sun and should be planted in an area that gets plenty of sunlight. If planting indoors, place the plant in an area of the home that receives at least 4 hours of direct sunlight per day.

Give them some breathing room

• Allowing plenty of space for mums’ roots to grow and expand is key to a long plant life. Mums should be planted at least 18 inches from other plants or in a pot that allows for root growth.

Water the roots

• Mums should be well-watered to avoid the roots drying out. It’s important to water mums at the soil level to preserve the buds and prevent the soil from drying out. If the mums are planted in a container, ensure it is well-draining. You can learn more about proper watering practices here.

Trim dead buds, stems, and blooms

• Pruning is vital to the growth of many plants, this is also true for mums. The plant should be checked for dead or wilted blooms and stems regularly. Removing dead or wilted blooms and stems not only helps your plant look its best, but also works to promote new growth and extend the plant’s life.

Add mulch in cold months

• During the colder months, adding a few inches of mulch or mulched leaves to the top of the soil can help extend the life of the plant through winter. If the plant is affected by frost, it should be pruned, leaving an inch of stems remaining above ground. After pruning, you should see the plant return in the spring!

Remove weeds

• Weeds compete with mums for the nutrients they need. Use a weed killer to ensure your mums live a healthy and thriving season. Learn more about preventing winter weeds here.

We know you wish fall could last all year long, keeping your mums healthy and thriving can help extend that fuzzy fall feeling just a bit longer. We’ve got everything you need to decorate for the fall season including mums, pansies and pumpkins. As always, we at Cantrell Gardens are here to answer your questions and guide you in your gardening journey. Give us a call today or come on into the store and say hello in person! Remember to check back next month for more helpful tips and tricks. Happy planting!

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