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Planting the Perfect Potted Arrangement

Spring is in full bloom, and many Arkansas gardeners are breaking out the shovels and rakes to prepare for the new planting season! Showcasing gorgeous seasonal plants doesn’t have to be limited to the flower bed. Potted arrangements are an attractive, freeform way to add a pop of color to a front porch, patio or any outdoor area that needs a little life. Whether you have a design in mind or peruse around the garden center for a bit of inspiration, outdoor planters allow you to pair your favorite plants and colors to create a stunning arrangement that elevates your outdoor space.

Tips for assembling gorgeous planters

1. Consider the location
Before you break out the garden tools, consider where the planter will be located. Observe the area and note how much sunlight and shade it receives a day. Not all plants have the same requirements for exposure.

2. Choose a planter
The planter you choose should complement the area and consider its surroundings. For example, a taller planter placed on either side of a door may complement the area nicely, whereas a shorter planter with a small diameter may be more appropriate for stairs.

3. Select your plants
There are dozens of approaches to take when it comes to selecting plants. Some people may choose based on a color scheme, while others choose plants based on their level of maintenance. However you choose your plants, there are a few things to consider when companion planting:

Consider exposure type. Each plant should require the same amount of moisture and sunlight and should not block the other plants from receiving sunlight.

Thriller, filler and spiller. A simple method for ensuring continuity and removing the guesswork from companion planting is the use of thriller, filler and spiller plants.

     ∗ Thriller plants are the focal point of the arrangement. Tall, eye-catching plants such as calla lilies and ornamental grasses are an ideal thriller.

     ∗ Filler plants fill in space in the planter while complementing the thriller. Plants with smaller diameters, such as pansies, snapdragons, and geraniums, fill in space while enhancing the arrangement.

     ∗ Spiller plants are drooping and hanging plants that cascade over the sides of the container and bring an added dimension to the arrangement. Ivy, bacopa, sweet potato vine, and creeping jenny are excellent spillers.

• Consider size. Keep your planter in mind to ensure you select appropriate plant shapes and sizes to complement the planter.

4. Add in potting soil and arrange your plants
Add potting soil to the planter and place the large plants first. Move to the edges of the pot as you plant, filling in with soil as your progress. The tops of the roots should not be covered with more than a half-inch of soil.

5. Place the arrangement in its new home and add water to settle the soil
Water the plants thoroughly and check to ensure that there is an adequate amount of soil in the planter. Allowing the soil to settle gives your arrangement a sturdy structure and helps reduce any transplanting stress.


As it starts to heat up in Central Arkansas, it’s essential to keep up with watering to ensure your plants have all the moisture needed to fight the higher temps! We are here to help you set your flower beds up for success this summer. We’ve stocked up on everything you need to create flowerbed envy in your neighborhood this summer. Our gorgeous seasonal roses are still in stock for a limited time, but they won’t last long; make plans to get yours.

We at Cantrell Gardens are here to answer your questions and guide you in your gardening journey. Give us a call at (501)-225-1030 or come on into the store and say hello in person! Remember to check back next month for more helpful tips and tricks. Happy planting!

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