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Cantrell Gardens Christmas Trees

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The Trees

All of our trees are Frasier Firs shipped in from Boone, North Carolina. We choose Frasier Firs year after year because we have found that, out of all the trees we have sold, they stay fresher longer, hold their needles better, and generally have fuller branches with no holes. They truly are the best trees you can buy!

Our Care

We care about your Christmas tree so we keep it hydrated from the moment it arrives on our property. We cut its trunk and immediately put it in water so that the needles stay fresh and the tree never dries out. Once we have the tree in water, we continually mist it throughout the day and night so that it receives all the care and attention that it deserves.

Set up and Delivery

Here at Cantrell Gardens, we want you to have the best Christmas possible. For that reason we prefer to set your tree up for you. We put your tree stand on in the store and make sure it is straight and ready for decorating. We will even deliver your tree straight to your house to save you the hassle!

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