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The Complete Guide to Paperwhite Bulbs

Christmas Time is coming and everyone is getting into the holiday spirit! Everyone is preparing their tree, decorations, poinsettias, and garland. They are only missing one thing; some Paperwhite bulbs to ring in the new year with the fresh fragrance of blossoming flowers!

How to Plant

Early December is the perfect time to plant! Just follow these 5 simple steps:

1. Find a pot, vase, or place in the ground and fill it with soil, rock, sand, or another material.

2. Plant your bulb in this area so that about half of it is buried and the buds are sticking out of the top.

3. Generously water the pot or soil so that the bulb can begin to grow. Note: If the pot does not drain, feel free to fill it to the top with water when you first plant the bulb. The bulb will absorb the water over the course of a few days. After this, water the bulb as you would any other house plant.

4. Water the plant every 2 days or so as necessary and allow 4 to 6 weeks for growth

5. Enjoy your beautiful blooming paperwhites!

Where to Plant

Paperwhites do not require too much light so you do not have to bother yourself by putting them in a sunny window. Place them where they can receive some sun as well as plenty of attention from your family and guests. They work as perfect table centerpieces!

Bonus Tip

Are you afraid that your paperwhites will get too leggy and fall over? Simply add a bit of vodka or other clear alcohol to your watering mixture to ensure that they do not grow too tall! 1 part alcohol to 7 parts water is the ideal ratio to have a paperwhite that is buzzing with fragrance and beauty!

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