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Trees & Shrubs

 Winter Care of Trees and Shrubs

Good winter care starts with thorough watering in the fall. When the garden season draws to a close, it is tempting to just forget about your plants.

However you should continue to water all woody plants - especially newly planted trees and shrubs and all evergreens in the fall.

Water them well until the ground freezes, and make sure you water adequately through a dry fall.

These plants need the equivalent of one inch of rain per week. (In a wet fall, you can relax.)

Evergreens and broadleaf evergreens don't lose their leaves, so they need a good store of moisture going into winter because they continue to transpire (give off water vapor) through the cold months.

Most winter damage to evergreens doesn't actually come from cold, but from the drying effects of late winter sun and wind. With the soil frozen hard, plant roots can't take up water to make up for moisture losses from transpiration and, as a result, dehydration can cause browning or burning of foliage.

Bare root trees or shrubs that are planted in the autumn or over winter are vulnerable to winds. Before they have had a chance to anchor themselves in the ground, plants can be rocked backwards and forwards, resulting them becoming loose. Regularly check any plants that have been recently planted and firm them back in place if necessary.

There is nothing more striking than a majestic tree.  Maples and Ginkgos provide cooling shade in the summer and spectacular fall color.

Flowering trees - Flowering Cherry, Crepe Myrtle, Dogwood - provide beauty and shade for years to come.

Stately evergreens - Arborvitae, Italian Cypress - are lovely to look at and, when used as a hedge or windbreak, they can provide privacy and protect your home from winter winds.

Lilacs, Azaleas and Spirea all add dramatic flare and welcomed color to the garden.

Camellias can bring blooms to shady areas.

Trees and shrubs add beauty and privacy.  Let our knowledgeable staff help you select just the right ones for your yard.

  • Shade trees can reduce utility bills for air conditioning by 15 to 30%.
  • Trees and well done landscaping can add curb appeal to your home and add 15-20% to your property's value.
  • In one year an average tree produces enough oxygen for a family of four.
  • Trees and shrubs, planted correctly, can lower noise levels and reduce crime.