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Spring is in the air!! Finally!!

There's lots to do in our gardens this time of year. One of the first things is to pre-emerge the lawn. This will prevent summer weeds from emerging while adding fertilizer to the grass. We have experts standing by at Cantrell Gardens to help you choose the right pre-emergent for your type of grass.

We have perennials and annuals arriving weekly now. Watch the weather and put off planting warm weather annuals and vegetables until there is no danger of frost. Now is the time to divide your perennial plants to increase your stock. Also deadhead winter pansies to keep them flowering longer. Remember that pansies are heavy feeders and will appreciate a balanced fertilizer every week or so.

We have a gigantic selection of roses and now is the time to plant them! Come by soon as they sell out fast! We also have everything needed to care for roses and lots of expertise to answer any question you may have.

Trees and shrubs are beginning to arrive. Spring flowering shrubs - forsythia, azaleas, quince - are all showing off their colorful beauty.

We are looking forward to seeing our old friends and new ones as well. Spring is the happiest time of the year at Cantrell Gardens. Come let us show you all the beauty that is Spring at our store.