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Summer heat arrived early this year, making for a really sticky, humid time in the garden. Remember to keep your plants and yourself hydrated!

Water becomes so important this time of year. Lawns and plants should be watered early in the morning with enough water to soak the roots.  Check out the "Lawn Care" page for more information on what to do for your lawn this time of year. Soaker hoses are a real help as are irrigation systems for pots and yards. We can help you determine what you need to best keep all those plants and lawns watered this summer!

We still have a good selection of tropicals and annuals that love the heat. Perennials are always a good choice for the summer heat. And we have shade loving plants - ferns, hostas, caladiums - that lend a cool feeling to the garden.

Come on by and we will love to help you with all your gardening needs this summer.